Great things to do with the kids in KL

Great things to do with the kids in KL

The Kuala Lumpur Tower

Often abbreviated to the KL Tower, since it was opened in 1995 this 421-metre tower has become one of Malaysia's most iconic landmarks. It is the highest viewpoint in Malaysia's capital city that is open to visitors. As well as offering unbelievable 360° views, the tower offers families a zoo, pony rides, a 4D theatre and a revolving restaurant.

Batu Cave

Another attraction popular with families is Batu Cave. Situated on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, this Hindu temple has been constructed directly into a limestone cliff face. It is easily accessible, with commuter trains taking you to the entrance. From here you proceed to climb 272 steps until you arrive at the entrance of the cave. Exploring the caves will appeal to children of all ages, with mischievous wild monkeys providing an amusing distraction. Entrance is free.

Bird Park

The largest walk-in, free-flight aviary in the world, Bird Park is home to over 3,000 birds. These in a diverse variety of often spectacularly-coloured species, including toucans, great hornbills, and parrots. Although the setting can often be noisy, it is well worth it for the opportunity your kids will have to feed the brightly-plumaged birds.

National Science Center

Again, situated some way from the city centre (around 15 km), this museum is well worth a visit. An attractive conical building set amongst 8-hectares of beautiful grounds, a playground and water pool will keep kids amused. The museum's aim is the promotion of knowledge of key scientific areas. Its many informative themes include an environmental Odyssey, and frequent glimpses into future technology (with thinking machines a popular exhibit).

Lake Gardens

As the Bird Park, Lake Gardens comprise exercise areas, a jogging track, a butterfly, and gardens that are abundant with orchids. To visitors arriving from other parts of the world, this is one thing they will certainly find unforgettable – the colourful explosion of vibrant blooms. As well as looking beautiful, the variety of fragrances will assault your nasal senses as much as you aural senses!

Paddle boats can be hired to cross the lake. This is a terrific way to enjoy the tranquil waters – and as keeping fit goes, it is also so much more practical than spending hours on the treadmill in the hotel gym!

For those of you who like to relax, as well as finding out more about the mysteries of the universe, there is also a planetarium. Here you can settle back in luxuriously comfortable seats and gaze up at the stars. The commentary will inform you all about our place in the universe, going right back to the dawn of cosmology with the so-called ‘big bang'. The beauty of the scientific explanations here is that they are aimed at the generally curious, rather than anyone seeking to write a thesis about the subject!

Covering more than 90 hectares, these lush gardens are a visual feast, with something to keep everyone in the family occupied for hours.