Malaysia - best beaches

Malaysia - best beaches

Are you planning on hitting the beaches of Southeast Asia? Then you simply must check out some of what Malaysia has to offer. While all the chatter might be about Thailand's coast, Malaysia has beaches to match it. As they are not quite so feted in the West, they are also far less crowded.


One of Malaysia's most expensive east coast islands, Redang is most commonly described as ‘paradise' by those who visit. Take a look at the deep, clear green of the water and the near deserted beauty of the rich yellow sand and you will quickly see why. Very few people live on the island so you'll have it almost all to yourself, even at the peak of the tourist season. If you fancy seeing some wildlife, the snorkelling is great in Redang, particularly on Turtle Beach where the eponymous amphibians lay their eggs.


If you fancy something a little bit more lively, then Langkawi on the west coast is well worth a visit. The beaches might not be quite as unspoilt and beautiful as on the other side of the country, this is much more of a tourist hot spot, with a huge selection of bars, hotels, eateries and other attractions for those that like to keep busy. Hiking, cable cars and beach sports are all available here. The other great advantage over the east coast is that these beaches are open every month of the year, while the eastern beaches close during monsoon.

Tioman Island

Back on the east coast, Tioman Island is a protected marine park island that is perfect for those that like to get underwater. Snorkelers and divers will have plenty to do, with tropical fish and coral reefs on the northern part of the island. It's also far more budget-friendly than Redang, so is great for the tourist looking to keep their costs down but still experience all the wonders of the Malaysian coast.

As we mentioned above, there is a very important issue to keep in mind if you fancy beach hopping around Malaysia – monsoon. Between November and March the east coast is lashed with buckets and buckets of rain. So, if you are travelling during that time, stick to the west.