Top 5 Malaysian Landmarks

Top 5 Malaysian Landmarks

Mulu Caves

These caves offer spectacular natural landscapes for visitors to explore in Malaysia. Situated in mountainous rainforests, this beautiful subterranean realm includes the Sarawak Chamber – one of the world's largest caves. Another of these vast caverns, Deer Cave, contains vast numbers of wrinkle-lipped bats. There can be few spectacles in nature as jaw-dropping as the sight of thousands of these chirruping creatures swarming from the caves every sunset, hunting for their supper!

Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation

Opening in 1964, this rehabilitation centre has been opening its doors to orphaned baby orangutans for 50 years. Unfortunately, illegal hunting and the effects of extensive logging have created significant numbers of young orangutans in need of nurturing and care. Once the centre has trained these beautiful and sensitive creatures, they are released into the wild again. The reserve contains up to 80 orangutans, and is extremely popular with tourists. As well as obtaining spectacular photographic mementoes of these wonderful primates, they can learn all about current conservation plans.

Mount Kinabalu

Borneo's highest summit rises 4,095 metres above the forest floor. Renowned across the world for its biodiversity, the region boasts over 300 birds species, over 100 mammal species, and some 600 species of ferns. Kinabulu's main peak is easily climbed, and the good news is no mountaineering equipment is required (although an experienced guide is a necessity).

Petronas Twin Towers

Until 1994, these magnificent towering edifices were the tallest in the world. They remain a jaw-dropping sight for visitors to Kuala Lumpur, and are still the highest ‘architectural twins' anywhere on the planet. Consisting of 88 floors, they are mostly built from reinforced concrete, their glass exteriors made to resemble Islamic motifs (reflecting the art of the region's Muslim religion). A world-famous sky bridge connects the towers a dizzying 42 floors above Kuala Lumpur.

The view from here is simply unforgettable. From this vantage point Kuala Lumour will stretch before you. Use your guide book to reference all the different points of interest, either close at hand, amongst the capital's hustle and bustle, or further out towards the city's verdant, palm tree-clogged suburbs.

Originally opened in 1999, this magnificent structure was intended to stake Kuala Lumpur's claim as the globe's newest, vibrant, commercial capital. It is so much more than just a towering building. As well as containing floor and floors of office space, there is a park, and a vast shopping mall. You can relax here, or embark on some serious retail therapy in the array of shops and plazas.