Two weeks Malaysia itinerary

Two weeks Malaysia itinerary

Even if during lockdown streets are empty, we are introducing a two weeks Malaysia itinerary to you that focuses on the mainland section of the country since most travelers are visiting this part mostly. Because mainland Malaysia is geographically long, you should travel in one direction to let you benefit from your two-week trip. Use either North or South. Once you need to grab a long-distance flight into Malaysia, then an ideal airport in Kualar Lumpur will provide easy access. Coaches take about 6 to 7 hours between Singapore and Kualar Lumpur cities and should be booked a few days in advance. Alternatively, you can arrive at Penang in the North of the country from Bangkok in Thailand by flight and explore Malaysia. Use a travel agency with budget-friendly travel packages.

Days, 1 to 3: Georgetown, Penang

You are free to start your Malaysia itinerary in Penang. It is a large island located in the northwest of Malaysia and offers the right boat, bus, and plane connections. Penang's capital is Georgetown, a UNESCO world heritage city famous for its food, architecture, and street art. You can create space for a full day and discover Georgetown accurately. For three times per week, there is a free of charge walking tour led by the tourism agency. Places are few and usually offered on a first-come basis before 10:00 AM. When you miss the tour, you can use a map to help you around Georgetown. Also, the free shuttle bus around the city eases your traveling. On the 3rd day, move out in a different direction from Georgetown to explore another area of Penang having the beautiful Monkey Beach and Penang National Park.

Days, 4 to 6: Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands

From Georgetown, you can head inland to the beautiful Cameron Highlands that are located at a high altitude. Travel by bus from Georgetown to Cameron Highlands either from the city or from the main bus terminal in the nearby town of Butterworth. The final bus stop is Tanah Rata. Look for an accommodation spot that meets your needs. On day 5, you can go out and explore the beauty of the Cameron Highlands. You can go hiking with other travelers. On day 6, explore the exotic tea plantations in the countryside and take some photographs.

Days, 7 to 10: Coral Bay, Perhentian Islands.

These islands lie on Malaysia's eastern coast. Reaching the islands involves taking a bus to Kuala Besut and a boat cruise to your preferred Perhentian bay. Buy your transport tickets in advance. The small island of Kecil is the big-budget spot, and the more massive island of Besar is ideal for families and couples. Within the Pulau Perhentin Kecil, there are two main beaches, including the long beach and the coral bay. On days 8 and 9, get enough time to experience the beautiful beaches, lush jungle interiors given the limited electricity, wifi, and general connection from the outside world. On day 10, spend the entire day at the beach until 4 PM when you will be shifted by boat back to the mainland, before boarding a taxi to the Kualar Besut bus terminal and then hop on a night service to Kualar Lumpur. Book the bus in advance and ensure that your transfer boat will be taking off at the time convenient to you. Carry a blanket and pillow for extra comfort.

Days, 11 to 12: Malacca

You will arrive in Kualar Lumpur early in the morning on day 11 and also head out for extra 2 hours on a bus to the charming colonial city of Malacca and explore the temples, architecture, street art, a lovely riverside, vibrant culture, and cuisine. You can spend two nights in Malacca to get relaxation from the overnight bus ride.

Days, 13 to 14: Kualar Lumpur.

Lastly, the final destination on your Malaysia itinerary is the country's capital called Kualar Lumpur. Choose to make this capital the last on the list because your international flight provider will most likely leave from here. Spending your last two days in the capital will let you do so many things in the city.

In conclusion, a two weeks Malaysia itinerary will make you experience the wonders that many expats yearn for so often.